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  Announcement of the People’s Bank of China


The People’s Bank of China is to issue a silver commemorative coin of Beijing International Coin Exposition 2019 on October 28h 2019, which is the legal tender of the People’s Republic of China.

I. Design of the coin

i. obverse design

The obverse of the coin depicts the logo of Beijing International Coin Exposition, accompanied with the Earth and decorative line patterns, the title of PRC and the year date.

ii. reverse design

The reverse features the combined design of the Endangered Wildlife-Crested Ibis silver coin from China, and the 2019 Australian Koala silver coin from Australia, with elements of coins, the Chinese and English words of “BEIJING INTERNATIONAL COIN EXPOSITION” and the face value.

II. Specifications and mintage of the coin

The silver commemorative coin is proof in quality, 10 Yuan in face value, 40 mm in diameter, 99.9% in fineness and contains 30 grams of pure silver. The total mintage is 30,000 pieces.

III. The silver commemorative coin is minted by Shenyang Mint Co., Ltd and solely distributed by China Gold Coin Incorporation. Please visit for more distribution information.

  The People’s Bank of China

  October 14, 2019

  Design of the coin


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